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The Community Radio of Chania (ΚΡαΧ was created in January 2019 by a group of people passionate about radio and its social dimensions. The aim of this internet radio is to offer a voice to those less heard, to inspire and promote people’s participation to the main social matters of our time and make a stand for radio’s social fabric. This is a radio with no room for sexist or racist language, a radio that encourages social dialogue. It is run by an assembly with no distinction between technicians, journalists and producers and a shared respect for one another.

The radio’s logo was the natural development of its recent history when it found itself against a closed lock even before it began.

 The little cartoon monster biting the lock was designed in a playful mood to reflect the radio’s first port of call against all obstacles: the power of the imagination. The monster was given bright lively colours and made to resemble a game so that its colourful nature may oppose the often miserable reality and also communicate the joyful mood with which it and, consequently, the radio was created. This imaginative monster – truly out of this world – looks as if it will bite anything standing on its way showing in this way the uncompromising heart of ΚΡαΧ. Sometimes, the monster hides behind the letters of the radio’s initials because, since it is the creative soul of the radio, it sometimes puts things in order and at other times it is left to indulge in creative chaos.



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