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Urban Poetics

“Athens in a poem” is a platform for the collection of material on urban poetics.
It intends to aid an ongoing discussion on what created the particular Greek urban experience.

It is a website for the collection and dissemination of material regarding poems about the Athenian urban experience alongside a collection of photos narrating this experience, the relationship of words with space and a more general discussion on spatial theory applied to the experience of living in urban areas in Greece.


The term Poetry derives from a variant of the Greek term, poiesis, "making".
The lyre was a stringed musical instrument played by the ancient Greeks and was probably the most important and well-known instrument in the Greek world.



This logo reflects both the mirage created by a poetic text, where reality is and is not as is and the concept of what is ‘real’ is questioned as a whole, and the play with uniformity mirrored in the poem as a piece of work that is complete in itself.

The lyre has a curve that is opposite to the one we usually find in depictions of it in ancient Greek art – a mirroring of it if you wish - and the elements comprising the logo are so placed to create the effect of visual uniformity without being actually aligned.

Finally, the small wave-like line at the bottom of the logo symbolizes the openness and graceful structure of a poem’s ending that may be the beginning of yet another piece of art in any form.



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